The Beer
We Love Beer and Beer Loves Us, Especially Craft Beer....

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Beer is proof god loves man."  We believe as strongly in our beer selections as our food.  Our selection comes from all over the world and only concentrates on one thing.  Being great.  You will not find mass produced beers that the only reason why they are popular is because they have a good commercial.  Those commercials are great though.  Most of our beers too you won't find in the aisles of Walmart.  

Our selection is a variety of some of the best local breweries including Peticolas, Rabbit Hole, Armadillo, and Four Corners, with great Texas breweries too such as Adelbert's, Live Oak, and Oasis.  We don't forget our friends from around the other 50 states as well, O'Dells, Stone, Dogfish, and Prairie Ales.  We even bring "real" foriegn beers as well, not beers that bought a foreign name and bottle it all here.  

You can enjoy these tasty beverages either in house with us or grab a growler and take it home.  We have a wide variety of draft beers to choose from that you can grab a pint and enjoy with your meal or bring a group in to relax during happy hour.  If at the end of the night or you just want to enjoy a quality craft beverage from home, pick up a growler.  What is a growler?  Growler comes in a variety of sizes, and you can even purchase them here or bring in your own.  Just select the beer you like and we will give you a fill.  Don't forget about our huge selection of craft cans, bottles, and bombers to really try some of these uniques brews coming from across the nation.

If you are scared to try the craft beer movement or are over whelmed by the selection, don't worry.  The biggest thing to fear is drinking that Miller Lite which you have no clue what is in it.  We are here to give you a taste and help you find that perfect brew.  If you are a real beer conasueer and really ready have some unique brews then ask us and we can sign you up for the Square One Beer Club.