Great Food!
Real Food. Fresh Food. Local Food....

When it comes to Square One food we keep three main goals in every dish.  Real food, fresh food, and local food.  We want to offer food that is meant to be not made in some lab or frozen for monthes at a time to save a buck.  The strawberries will taste like strawberries and the turkey will taste like turkey.  But the beef patties might be the best you have ever had.

Our produce is a combination of organic and local suppliers.  We strive to have you the freshest produce getting deliveries in daily so that when it hits your table it is the freshest possible meal we can get you.  We will also have seasonal items that chage as new produce items come available each month.

Our lunch meats are Boar's Head.  Yes, we use only the best.  Even better it is a natural and never uses any fillers.  That is probably why it taste so good.  Our beef is never frozen and locally raised.  Our chicken, turkey and aggs are also never frozen and use only free range livestock.  Fiinally, our seafood is picked up daily and we never use farm raised products.

Our bread is delivered fresh daily from Emperior Bakery in Dallas.  We meet with them for two weeks and pounded fresh bread items that would pair perfectly with our menu items. 

Our desserts.  Well the visual speak for themselves.  We use Blue Bell Ice cream and homemade cookies to create fabulous ice cream sandwiches, beer floats and multen ice cream desserts.

If you believe that food should taste the way that it should be with a unque twist, come on out for dinner or lunch.  I promise you will taste the difference.