The Cafe
Fresh Ingredients. Friendly People. Patio Dining....


Square One was founded in April 2010.  After many years in the corporate world, we finally said enough is enough.  Out of pure determination to create a unigue experience came the vision of Square One and The Taproom.  We believe that food and beer should come from the heart and not only look good, but taste great, and actually be healthy. In today's world of mass production and frozen meals we take pride in knowing that we can actually tell you what is in our food down to the last ingredient and we know exactally where it came from.  We use only the best ingredients with the highest quality in mind, to create meals and choose great brews that feel like they were made specifically for your taste buds.   

Have you ever just found that perfect fit?  That is how we think of our location.  It combines eveything we strive for in our cafe.  We are located in Main and Mill District in Lewisville in a 100 year old building that is connected to a beutiful patio with a large oak tree situated right in the middle to provide a perfect afternoon or night on the patio.  Our four walls display our respect for the classics but yet show our unique twist on life.  It is casual environment, best to experience with friends.  It is a great place to grab a quick lunch, grab a beer with an old friend, or have a unique, fresh, healthy dinner or dessert.

Our beer and wine selections are like no other.  Our brews concentrate on one thing, quality.  We don't judge a beer or wine on its popularty or if it is local or a huge national brand, but instead concentrate on the unique characteristics of that brew being possibly the best you have ever had.  We have a rotating beer list we change constantly in search for that perfect brew.  We may never find the best we will sure as hell try and in the mean time have a great time doing so.

Our kitchen staff is made up culinary graduates and people that are passionate about cooking unique dishes and most importantly care about the product they produce daily.  Our beertenders, are in fact "BEER NERDS."  Yes we know it and actually are proud of it. So don't be shy if you have a question fire away.  We are here for you and if your not sure you may like something, ask and we will find exactly what you are crazing.

Live and Local on the Patio is a blend of all types of music we bring for live entertainment to our patio.  One nights it will be acustic Texas country making you feel like you are in the heart of the Hill Country.  The next night might be great Southern rock blaring soulful tunes and still other nights you might here raggae or great Celtic music coming from the patio.  They will all have one thing in common though, they are all great local musicians.
If all this sounds like your tye of place, feel free to come on in and join the Square One family.

Square One.  Where it all begins............